Hi! I’m Magda.

I love to work on really difficult problems that matter with really intelligent people I can learn from. In the past five years, I accomplished this goal by working alongside Chief Operating Officers and policy makers in Belgium, Bosnia, Spain and in the United States.

Having lived around the world, I am a natural bridge. In my role as a Product Manager, I bridge the work of development, support and business teams.  Here is some of my work I am most proud of:

TurboVote at Democracy Works – election reminder platform for citizens.

New York Business Express – New York State’s first one-stop-shop portal for business licensing.

Cell-Ed – English as a second language distance learning program for farm workers in New York State.

I like to learn something new every day. Currently, I practice rocklimbing, Spanish and Bikram Yoga.

I love to travel and discover new things about the world.  I try to visit 3-5 new countries every year. When I am not traveling, I lead a ‘countries club’ meetup in New York City where we meet to discuss the culture of a new country each month.

I feel the best when I am hiking up a mountain or sailing a boat.