About Me

Hi! I’m Magda.

I love to work on really difficult problems that matter with really intelligent people I can learn from. In the past five years, I accomplished this goal by working alongside Chief Operating Officers and policymakers in Belgium, Bosnia, Spain and in the United States.

Having lived around the world, I am a natural bridge. In my role as a Product Manager, I bridge the work of engineers, designers, support and business teams.  I currently head product at Empatico.org – a free tool for educators to connect their classroom with others around the world through video interactions. At Empatico we combine the best of technology with the best of humanity to expand the boundaries of learning.

Here is some of my older work I’m proud of:

  • I headed product of TurboVote at Democracy Works, an election reminder platform for citizens (learn more)
  • I implemented New York Business Express, New York State’s first one-stop-shop portal for business licensing (learn more)
  • I designed a mobile English distance learning program for New York’s farmworkers (learn more)

I like to learn something new every day. Currently, I’m practicing skiing, rock climbing, and Spanish.

I love to travel and discover new things about the world.  I try to visit 3-5 new countries every year, and I have an affinity for foreign languages. When I am not traveling, I lead a ‘countries club’ meetup in New York City where we meet to discuss the culture of a new country each month.

I feel the best when I am hiking up a mountain or sailing a boat.