About Me

Hi! Cześć! Hola! I’m Magda.

I’m a strategic-thinking Product Manager with 7+ years of experience in tech, including 4+ years of building products in complex, regulated markets with a global user base. Intellectually curious and cross-functional, I’m an adaptable professional with strong planning and communication skills.

My goal is to work on really difficult problems that matter with really intelligent people I can learn from. I have a natural curiosity that drives me to learn, dive deep, and constantly ask why. I’m lucky to do this every day in my role as a Product Manager.

In the past I worked alongside Chief Operating Officers and policymakers in Belgium, Bosnia, Spain and in the United States to deliver better, faster and more customer friendly government services. I no longer work in the government sector, but I still think social issues are some of the most complex (and worthwhile!) problems to solve.

When I’m not at work, I’m usually hiking up a mountain or sailing a boat. I podcast about my love for the outdoors at shegetsout.com/podcast .