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Building an election reminder tool

At Democracy Works, I was responsible for defining the product strategy, roadmap and implementation of the elections reminder tool  which provides all the materials and information voters need to get registered to vote, stay registered, and cast a ballot in every election, from municipal to national.  In my role as a Product Manager for TurboVote, I bridged the gap between our research, sales/support, and engineering teams and provided leadership to take TurboVote from MVP to THE platform for civic engagement. To this end, I listened to voters, conducted usability tests and used their feedback to determine the best product strategies each day.  Then, I worked closely with our development team to define the implementation of new product features.


Here are just a few of my accomplishments as a PM of TurboVote:

✔ conducted 3 in-depth user tests and extensive surveys across the nation (read more here).

✔ established a solid product process with clear roadmap goals

✔ implemented a number of great reporting tools for our partners (more on this here and here)

✔ created a self-serve help center where voters can get answers they need without contacting our helpdesk

✔ retired the old TurboVote platform; migrated 400,000 user accounts in the process

In my role as a product manager, I was also responsible for overseeing the work of our research department which collected datasets of 5,000 elections.

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